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What's Involved In Getting A Forklift Licence?

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A forklift licence is a requirement for many jobs, particularly in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, and forklift training can open the door to new opportunities. Getting your forklift licence is relatively straightforward and you don't need any prior experience to book a place on a training course. However, there are some prerequisites and you will have to cover certain topics before you can book your final assessment and be granted a licence.

What Are The Prerequisites?

In order to register for forklift training, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a good standard of written and verbal English, which will ensure you can fully understand the content of the course. Additionally, you will require identification, such as a birth certificate, passport and proof of address. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from obtaining a driving licence, you may not be able to obtain a forklift licence, so you will need to declare any medical conditions for consideration at the time of registering for the training course.  

What Topics Will The Course Cover?

Despite forklift training courses lasting only a few days, they are very comprehensive and are designed with safety in mind. You should expect to learn how to prepare a forklift for use, assess hazards and plan and implement control measures. You'll also learn how to calculate load capacity and carry out basic safety checks on a forklift. Additionally, you'll get to practice a range of manoeuvres and learn how to safely shut down and secure a forklift after use.

What Is The Assessment Process?          

Once your training is complete you will undertake a two-part assessment in order to obtain your licence. The assessment consists of a written part, which will include load calculations and hazard awareness scenarios. The second part of the assessment is a test of the practical skills you have learned and will involve driving a specified route and carrying out a range of manoeuvres. Some training centres provide the opportunity for you to do a practice or mock assessment, which you may find beneficial if you feel nervous. If you don't pass the assessment the first time you can retake it, but you will have to check what the process is for rebooking an assessment with the training centre you have selected as it can vary.

Obtaining a forklift licence is relatively inexpensive, costing a few hundred dollars, and training can be completed in only a few days. So, if you feel having a forklift licence would be beneficial in your working life, contact your local forklift training centre for further information.