What to Know When Attending a Trade School

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What's Involved In Getting A Forklift Licence?

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A forklift licence is a requirement for many jobs, particularly in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, and forklift training can open the door to new opportunities. Getting your forklift licence is relatively straightforward and you don’t need any prior experience to book a place on a training course. However, there are some prerequisites and you will have to cover certain topics before you can book your final assessment and be granted a licence. Read More»

Why Add Advanced Training to HR Driving Courses?

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If you want to earn an HR driving licence, then you have to take an accredited driving course. These courses all typically cover the same theoretical and practical training before you take your licensing test. However, some course providers also give you the option of adding some advanced training here. How does this work and what are its benefits? How Does Advanced HR Training Work? Some training providers provide advanced or customised training on top of their regular HR licence provision. Read More»

Why You Should Get Your Truck Driving Licence Before Securing a Truck Driving Job

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When looking into your employment opportunities, you might have found you’re most interested in working as a truck driver. You can look into truck driving jobs that will put you through truck driving school so you can get your truck driving licence, but this might not be the best path to take. Instead, you may want to go to a truck driving school first, then look for a truck driving job after you have secured your truck driving licence. Read More»