What to Know When Attending a Trade School

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Circumstances that Warrant Exemption from MC Licence Eligibility Requirements

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The opportunity to upgrade from a heavy combination (HC) driving licence to a multi-combination (MC) driving licence is recommended for experienced drivers. An MC licence opens up many driving opportunities in various industries, including construction, logistics, and agriculture. It means you can drive a heavy combination vehicle with more than one trailer. That said, one must fulfil specific requirements to be eligible for an MC licence. For instance, you must be an HC licence holder and have had an HR licence for at least a year. Read More»

Safety Areas of a Forklift Training Course

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Instructors often prioritise safety when training students about forklift operation. Other than learning how to operate a forklift, trainees must understand the necessary safety precautions. It is a crucial part of training, and a learner cannot be issued with a forklift operator’s license without passing safety tests. Notably, forklift training covers different areas that touch on safety. This article highlights vital forklift safety areas that learners encounter during training. Pre and Post Operation Inspection  Read More»

The Ultimate Guide to Heavy Rigid (HR) Driving Courses: Everything You Need to Know

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Trucking is one of the most lucrative industries with high demand in mining, construction and logistics. And if you are looking to kickstart or further your career in truck driving, having the qualification to help you get the footing on your career path is the first step. This is where HR driving courses come in. The course is designed to offer proper training to drivers seeking to drive heavy-rigid vehicles, which comprise some of the largest and heaviest trucks you can find on the roads: vehicle carriers, semi-trailers, large passenger buses, road trains, etc. Read More»